The Metaverse Tech Stack

The Web 3.0 Metaverse Challenge

I'm going to teach you how to build the world's first Messenger app using Web 3.0 tech stack that includes Metamask, Moralis!... Here's what you can expect, Get Ready #PAPAFAM!

Day 1 | 15th December (Wednesday)

Customising your Personalised Digital Portfolio v3 & opening your first MetaMask Wallet!

We will provide a FREE personalised digital portfolio and show you how to customize it & deploy it to your own website!

We'll also be showing you how to create your first web 3.0 wallet with MetaMask!

Day 2 | 16th December (Thursday)

Set up Metamask Login & Design the login flow & screens

We will build the Metamask login functionality and design the login screen. 

Day 3 | 17th December (Friday)

Implement the Chat & Realtime Functionality, Style & Deploy

We will build the chat functionality of the app and style the app with Tailwind CSS. We will then finally deploy the app!


Chance to Submit Homework & 
Grand Finale Preparations!

Last chance to complete the app completely and deploy it before the grand finale. This is the last day of submission in order to be eligible to win a prize tomorrow!

Day 5 | 19th December (Sunday)


Ultimate Developer Workshop & Roadmap to Success - with Grand Prize Reveal

(+ 2 Free eBooks worth £100 for all participants who attend)

+ Free Bonus Prize for ALL Challenge participants

In the Grand Finale, I'll be teaching you ALL of the fundamentals & showcasing The Ultimate Roadmap to start crushing it as a developer in the year 2022!



Participate and win Exciting Prizes!

1st Place 🥇

PAPA Diamond Mentorship



 A 1-1 Diamond level bootcamp worth £6000+ & a Mentorship Experience with Sonny & his team + $500!

2nd Place 🥈

3 x PAPA Platinum Memberships!


10 Winners of $100 each


Our top selling Platinum Membership for 3 winners + 10 Winners of $100 Each!


3rd Place  🥉


Participate throughout the Challenge and win these prizes for FREE when you show up on Day 5

JavaScript eBook

 The perfect 60 Page eBook which will be your Ultimate Cheatsheet that will guide you through JS with ease. This eBook contains everything you need to know to become a JS god...No exaggerations!

Next.js eBook

 The ultimate Next.js eBook will be your holy bible related to anything Next.js Related. This handbook contains everything Next.js related; from setup to deployment!

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