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✅ 100 Coding Challenges & Solutions


A comprehensive set of 100 coding challenges, complete with solutions, test cases, and valuable helpful links, awaits you. These resources collectively contribute to enhancing your foundational understanding of JavaScript!

🛠️ Built-In Editor for Simple Testing!

No installation / extension required

An Integrated Code Editor equipped with test cases simplifies the process of trying and testing your code to determine whether it successfully passes all the challenge's test cases.

💻 Works across all devices including Desktops, Tablets & Mobile!

🤝 Community Access Pass


Gain direct access to the PAPAFAM Community where you can collaborate, code, and collectively tackle coding challenges as a unified team!

📚 Varying Difficulty Levels


Whether you're a coding novice or an expert challenge conqueror, we've got you covered! 👇🏻

33 Beginner Coding Challenges

Perfect for newcomers, these challenges explore fundamental JavaScript concepts, gradually introducing a diverse range of coding techniques.

33 Advanced Coding Challenges

Tailored for proficient JavaScript developers, this module delves deep into intricate programming concepts and advanced techniques.

33 Expert Coding Challenges

Designed for experts in JavaScript, this module is a comprehensive resource tailored for seasoned programmers seeking to push their JavaScript skills to the highest level.

1 Extreme Coding Challenge

Reserved exclusively for elite JavaScript developers, this challenge beckons those with extraordinary problem-solving skills and a profound grasp of JavaScript.

🏆 Sense of Accomplishment


Completing all challenges successfully will earn you a verified Certificate of Completion, a valuable addition to your developer portfolio


Brian Hough

AWS Advocate & Passionate Developer

"I've really been enjoying the 100 coding challenges. We spend so much time learning how to build front-ends, but then it's really easy to let the back-end scripting fall to the wayside. The coding challenges have helped to coach me to think about why algorithms work the way they do, and how data structures are managed. As a JS/TS dev, I've enjoyed learning DSA best practices. Thank you for making this program — it seriously dropped at the exact time that I needed it and has been providing me immense value ❤️‍🔥"

James Tuttle

Senior Web Developer

"Having tried many coding challenges online, I was sceptical at first. But from the first set of problems, it was clear that this was something different. 100 Coding Challenges apart makes a great emphasis on understanding the 'why' behind the 'how' in coding"

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Himanshu Verkiya 

"I highly recommend 100 coding challenges for people looking to sharpen their DSA skills. Theory will only take you so far; the more you practice, the better your critical analysis skills get. A fusion of DSA and Development is perfection. Also, it's good for beginners as the topics are mentioned under the problems, so open those articles, understand them and implement your solution. Kudos to the team, and thanks a lot for this"

Patpicha Sitthitrai

"Exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend '100 Coding Challenges' to anyone preparing for technical interviews. It's a game-changer that not only provides exceptional solutions to tough tech questions but also enhances your understanding of vital concepts."

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Sahib Singh

"Taking on 100 coding challenges was awesome! It definitely levelled up my coding skills and boosted my problem-solving abilities. The mix of challenges was excellent – from straightforward to more complex probles. Beyond just coding, these challenges taught me to think critically and logically.  They've made me a more well-rounded coder, and I'm ready to tackle more challenges ahead!"

Diogo Pedro 

"Wow, where do I even begin? The 100 coding challenges have been a game-changer for me. As a self-taught programmer, I often found myself struggling to grasp the more profound concepts of JavaScript. But these coding challenges are so well crafted that they gradually build up your skills. If you want to level up your coding skills in an engaging and practical way, the 100 coding challenges is an absolute gem!"



Your All-in-One Coding Resource to Crack Tech Interviews!




✅ 100 meticulously crafted coding challenges to supercharge your skills

💡 Solutions, test cases, several examples and helpful links for comprehensive learning

💻 Integrated editor for seamless code practice

📈 Challenges from beginner to extreme for all expertise levels

🏆 Earn a personalised Certificate of Completion

🤝 PAPAFAM Community Access Pass to tackle coding challenges together

📚 Master JavaScript Fundamentals, crack tech interviews & solidify JavaScript fundamentals