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Brian Hough

PAPA Diamond Member

"I owe my coding career to you!... Real talk, you showing us the methodologies on how to build full stack apps... and taught us 6 figure skills has personally benefitted me and I have a track now because of you!"


Luke Menton

PAPA Diamond Member

"I started off with YouTube and Udemy but they are ok with the basic stuff but when you want to take it further and you want to progress and invest in yourself then Zero to Full Stack Hero is the way to go!... It's mind blowing with the massive backlog and content that it currently has..."


Rodgers Chayuga

PAPA Platinum Member

"... you are wasting your time outside there. This is something that is going to change your life!.. Less than 7 months and being somewhere where I can do a gig on my own and advice a company is something big!"


Veloshan Pillay

PAPA Diamond Member

"I bought many courses over many years but I wanted to take my skills to the next level...When I joined your course... it was the best investment ever!!... The knowledge you have given me is absolutely priceless"


Steve Sidhu

New PAPA Platinum Member

"I honestly truly believe that this would change our lives because the community is soo strong. It's not just you, it's a bunch of other senior developers and everyone is soo willing to help each other and I'm here for it dude.. LETS GO!"


Jastej Singh

PAPA Platinum Member

"React, Javascript sounds soo complicated but by making your clones..and learning more things from the community... and finally I was able to get a job!!..All thanks to you man for everything that I learnt from you"

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Ben Elferink

PAPA Platinum Member

"I wake up in the morning, I see a good developer meme, put it online, we have a good laugh together... It's just not coding and learning, we actually are a community! We have fun together..."


Chris Agnew

PAPA Platinum Member

"We need to learn real world projects and thats what you teach, How to make Facebook or Gmail...Well if I wanna work for Google and if I can create what they are making then they will most likely hire someone like that"


Luke Glendining

New PAPA Platinum Member

"..the way you teach, the support you give and the community that the PAPA Fam is now... it's really fantastic! ... Such a great platform to take my development skills to the next level and to land myself a job in 2021 "

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Sylvestor Underhay

New PAPA Platinum Member

" A normal course is just recorded content. But when I joined here, there were people welcoming me and I got added to a lot of groups, Discord, Slack etc. Thats the difference! Thats NEXT LEVEL! There are other courses but the fact that this is a community is irreplaceable "


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