#4 - From an Expelled student to studying at Cambridge, Harvard & MIT - A sit down with Facebook Data Scientist Dr Leon Chlon

Season #1

In this Episode of The Reactive Entrepreneur I sit down with a good friend of mine Dr Leon Chlon , we share how we first met through our shared love of vlogging in Heathrow Airport, our key moments and adventures in Dubai, and dive all the way into Leon’s life to find out how he was able to go from being a struggling student to finding his inner passion for mathematics and computational physics which lead to him studying at the top institutions & universities around the globe including Cambridge, Harvard & MIT.

We get a deeper look into the world of machine learning & AI as I interview Leon on his journey to landing a position at Facebook as a senior Data Scientist. We break down the problems he faced along the way, uncovering all the best secrets to fast tracking success for anyone wishing to enter the space!

A fun & light hearted conversation between two senior developers with plenty of lessons to share, this personally was my favourite session yet!

Enjoy the show #PAPAFAM!

- Sonny