#5 - Growing the PAPAFAM to 100,000 Subscribers and beyond with Jay Rathod

Season #1

In this Episode of The Reactive Entrepreneur I sit down and celebrate a huge WIN for the PAPAFAM with Jay Rathod, we hit 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube!

We discuss the journey and how we went from less than 1000 subscribers and 0 members in our community to growing a channel past 100,000 and a course with over 500 members inside pushing a revenue of £250,000+

Together we break down the things we learnt along the way, the battles we faced both in the business and personally including the dark moments and challenging mental health battles along the way. We take a moment to celebrate some personal achievements and highlights including my first ever Tesla Model 3 and a maxed out M1 Macbook Pro; we dive deep into how there was once a time where I could never dream of owning such things and I breakdown my past struggles and the journey to today.

We discuss the new PAPA Success Coach initiative where our top students were offered paid freelance gigs which then turned to life changing jobs and opportunities for them and how we did it!

We take a look back at my trip to Dubai and elaborate on the future plans for the PAPAFAM for 2022, the growth cycle and the continuous strive for excellence, blowing the PAPAFAM to new heights in 2022.

Let’s start the new year off with a bang!

Enjoy the show

- Sonny