#6 - From a Failed Interview to a £40k/year Starting Salary - A chat with Luke Menton

Season #1

In this episode, I speak to one of our Diamond Zero to Full Stack Hero members Luke Menton on his amazing journey as a Software Developer based in Ireland. We talked about Luke's interview process where he turned a failed junior interview into a successful internship interview; he then used his soft skills acquired since joining the PAPAFAM and went on to land the job earning £20,000 more than the initial junior base rate.

Luke and I discuss the different paths to becoming a developer and which might be best suited for a newcomer whether it's a coding bootcamp, community course or degree, you'll get first hand experiences of each in today's podcast!

We also touch on how Zero to Full Stack Hero helped him elevate his developer skills and push his soft skills to new heights which helped him land a job and all the troubles he overcame as an upcoming developer. Luke also gives his best tips for any newcomer in the developer space. 

We end it in a fun Quick fire round to hear Luke's true thoughts and feelings towards his life as a software developer!

Enjoy and Thanks for listening,