#7 - Moving to Dubai… the good, the bad & the ugly - with Jay Rathod

Season #1

In this episode, Myself and Jay discuss the challenges of moving an entire company abroad, from the technical challenges to the emotional ones; From setting up a new company to finding a place to call home again. We break down each encounter, weighing in on the pro’s & con’s between UK and Dubai and my current perspective on which i’d recommend after living here for a considerable time.

We try to uncover and explain the pain points a new business owner may experience when moving abroad; such as handling agents, bank applications, all the way to getting your hands on your Emirates ID!

We also shed light on why this has been the biggest & best decision of my life, how it has impacted me mentally & how i’ve been able to level up my productivity to new heights with techniques such as habit stacking & much more!

Enjoy and Thanks for listening!